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GIZ project launched to promote solar energy in Uganda

Together with our partner ACSET, we have launched a project to promote solar energy in rural areas of Uganda. With an inaugural workshop, all stakeholders from the administration, business and education sectors involved were informed about the project and its goals, and first joint steps were planned.


URBIS FOUNDATION Togo staff in Sokode, Togo, after a memorial service for Dr Manfred Epp on 24 January

Farewell to President and Founder Dr. Manfred Epp

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to our President and Founder Dr Manfred Epp


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Selection of funding projects 2021 completed

In 2021, the URBIS FOUNDATION will once again support some exciting projects related to solar energy.


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Solar energy and entrepreneurship courses in Dapaong

As part of a Bengo project, the URBIS FOUNDATION and its local partners Mivo Energie and Entrepreneurs du Monde have conducted a series of training courses in solar technology and entrepreneurship in Dapaong in northern Togo


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Successful marketing of solar kits on Zanzibar

Our project partner REZA has supported three women's groups in Zanzibar with the sale of a total of 240 solar kits


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Solar refrigerators for Tanzanian fish sellers

Tanzanian funding partner RUDIA equips women's collectives from Kasulu with solar refrigerators