Tractor for soil cultivation Copyright: UFT

Project on collective farming in Central Togo successfully completed

The project "Establishment of production communities for the cultivation of partially mechanised, collectively managed fields in the canton of Tchaloudè, Blitta prefecture, central region of Togo" ended on 30 June 2023. This was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.


Women were provided with toolboxes by Urbis

Promotion of women in the solar sector in Lomé, Togo

The PFPERT project (Partenariat pour la Formation Professionnelle en Energies Renouvelables au Togo - Partnership for Professional Training in Renewable Energies in Togo) is setting up a training system for electricians, refrigerator technicians and electrical technicians in Togo to train craftsmen & -women in solar installations.

For this purpose, existing training centres are selected as solar training centres.


Meeting with Massai men at large gathering

Biogas plants and light for the Maasai

As the keeping of large herds in Kenya in the classic grazing system is becoming increasingly risky, our project partner SOFIs WORLD has taken on the task of integrating an alternative type of livestock keeping among the Maasai, which should ensure their survival in the long term.


Dr Agodomou our medical expert in educating diabetics about their dietary practices

Over 600 people educated about high blood pressure and diabetes in Togo

For the past four years, URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO has offered an annual diabetes and hypertension tour in Togo to raise awareness of these diseases. This year, the tour was extra special as it was the first time we were able to faciliate health centers with materials and medicine to provide long-term treatment and diagnosis on their own.


SESEUS inception event Copyright: ACSET

Big project launch in Uganda

This month, our project to strengthen the use of solar energy in northern Uganda kicked off with a big inception event. Together with our long-term partner Action for Child Social and Economic Transformation (ACSET), we will actively strengthen the solar sector in the Lango sub-region over the next one and a half years.


Essossinam Tamale

Successful completion of our current training year

Today, the current training cohort of 18 young farmers finished their one-year training as agroentrepreneurs (AEs) on our farm CPIA (Centre de Promotion des Initiatives Agricoles).