Sustainable farming
Agriculture is the most important
economic sector in Togo

Förderung Landwirtschaft Togo

However, it is very often characterised by a lack of sustainability, e.g. through an elevated water consumption or an accelerated deforestation rate.

Vocational training

In 2006, we as URBIS started running our sustainable farm in Togo. With 34 hectares of land, it serves primarily as pilot- and training farm: every year we admit 18 young people as trainees. Within a one-year course they are educated on a variety of relevant topics, such as the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, the breeding of cattle or chicken or the care of beehives. Moreover, they earn basic knowledge in business administration and management.

Sustainability is a key aspect of their training. The trainees learn how to farm more sustainably through the implementation of technologies and methods that are so far not well known in Togo, such as solar drip irrigation, biological pesticides, composting or the joint management of a tree nursery.

After having graduated, the former trainees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to start their own sustainable farm. In the first years, our instructors will support them with advice and visits to their new farms.

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We are looking for funding partners

Many former trainees do unfortunately not have the necessary financial means to build pens, wells or buy animals. Therefore, we at URBIS wish to support them with an additional financial “starter package”. We are looking for partners, who wish to assist these young farmers in achieving their independence and a safe income! If you are interested in co-financing this project or wish to learn more about it, we would be very happy to receive a message! Just write at or give us a call.

Our Success

More than 100 farm students have successfully finished their vocational training at our sustainable farm. If needed, they can request advise and support from our instructors during the first years of their own farming projects. We would like to introduce you to some successful former trainees in our Success Stories.

Our farming experts not only train the farm students but are also responsible for the management and running of the farm.