News Technical internship in Togo

In the frame of my technical and research internship I stayed 4 weeks in Togo, to support the solar activities of URBIS. Together with the Togolese experts was able to examine and repair the solar plants, as well as install data logger to enable a long distance error analysis.

My work led my cross-country: from Lomé in the south, to Sokodé up to Dapaong in the North. I was always welcomed very warmly by the local URBIS team members and often invited to their homes. Through this close relationships I was able to get a very intense impression of the country, the people and their thoughts, worries, hopes and wishes.

I would like to thank the URBIS FOUNDATION for this opportunity and the good cooperation and hope, that future (TUM-) students will follow in my footsteps.


In 2012, URBIS FOUNDATION installed a 7.8 kW PV plant on the roof top of the state-owned energy supply company CEB. Robert Darius, supported by our local experts and engineers, was able to successfully install a data logger on this PV plant.