News Strengthen orphans’ education through access to solar energy in Zanzibar

REZA gives families in Zanzibar access to solar energy and safe lighting Copyright: REZA

Technical training for schoolgirls on the installation and maintenance of small solar systems Copyright: REZA

In cooperation with our long-time project partner REZA, the organization for renewable energies in Zanzibar, URBIS supported a solar energy project again this year.

The aim of this year's project was to support orphans in their school education by giving them access to solar energy for their evening schoolwork through the installation of small solar systems. Through the financial support of the URBIS Foundation and in cooperation with the technical team of REZA, the partner organization MUZDALIFA and the women's group HAKUWEKI, a total of 100 small solar systems were installed in various villages in Zanzibar in houses where orphans live. The solar systems can power up to five lamps and charge a mobile phone. Many of the households now have access to safe lighting for the first time.

In addition to the distribution of the solar home systems, training sessions were held for girls at several schools, teaching them how to install small solar systems and carry out repairs.

The project combines the empowerment of orphans and the raising of awareness about the use of renewable energy and has had a great impact on individuals, families and social institutions in Zanzibar.