News Seven weeks internship in Togo

Our intern Philipp together with a doctoral student from the University of Lomé

In the frame of an internship with URBIS FOUNDATION, I spent seven very special and diverse weeks in Togo, my tasks covering a variety of different fields.

From the very beginning, my day-to-day activities were characterised by a close cooperation with the University of Lomé. Together with a local doctoral student, I was given two main tasks: Firstly, to install the previously sponsored sensors (pyranometer) on the solar energy plant and on the roof of the CEB and the plant in Creuset. These sensors are used to measure the solar radiation. Secondly, we were asked to install the programme PVSol.

Together with the Club Solaire and the University of Lomé, I furthermore organised a workshop on the topic of “solar energy in theory and practice”. During the workshop, participants were educated on basic electrical engineering and were able to get some first-hand experience as well.

Apart from these tasks, I was also part of many other activities: I visited the URBIS farm in Sokodé, analysed the solar energy plant on the roof of the foundation’s main building and supported the local team in their search for new office rooms in Lomé.

In conclusion, I would like to express my thanks for the great time and these special experiences!