News Restart of the renewable energy production workshop at SOFIs WORLD in Kenya

The renewable energy workshop and its team Copyright: SOFIs WORLD

With the support of URBIS, our long-time partner SOFIs WORLD, in cooperation with the implementing partner IRUWA, was able to restore the renewable energy workshop in the Taita Hills in southeastern Kenya to good condition and restart the production of renewable energy technologies, especially biogas and solar thermal.

As part of the project, the workshop's inventory was repaired and supplemented with new production materials. In addition, training and education for the employees was carried out. In addition, 5 new working students from the vocational college were hired as interns in the production department.

Through the purchase of new biogas plants and an installation training with 12 participants, after 10 years of the project start "Biogas Taita", the SOFIs WORLD demo house is now also supplied with biogas as cooking energy.

In addition, the starting signal was given for a new solar lamp project for Masai women. Over 30 huts have already been equipped with solar lamps and the beneficiary women and their families have light in their homes for the first time.