News Promotion of women in the solar sector in Lomé, Togo

Women were provided with toolboxes by Urbis

The PFPERT project (Partenariat pour la Formation Professionnelle en Energies Renouvelables au Togo - Partnership for Professional Training in Renewable Energies in Togo) is setting up a training system for electricians, refrigerator technicians and electrical technicians in Togo to train craftsmen & -women in solar installations. For this purpose, existing training centres are selected as solar training centres.

The training consists of four modules and lasts a total of 30 days. The contents can be summarised under the following main modules: Application of basic concepts in PV solar systems, Installation of a PV solar system, Installation of a solar pump system, Maintenance of PV solar systems. In March 2023, the first wave of training started with 47 artisans, among them 14 women, from the Greater Lomé area with the first module on PV solar systems. The second block of training was carried out at the end of July.

As part of the training, the 14 women each received a toolbox with essential tools from the Urbis Foundation. The foundation also finances 3-month internships for the aforementioned female electricians, which take place at one of the solar companies in Togo.

The aim of the training is to strengthen the technical skills of the craftsmen &-women in the solar sector in order to improve the performance of the installations of PV solar systems. This also creates real employment opportunities and sustainable economic prospects.