News Project to promote climate-resilient agriculture in Senegal enters the next round

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Together with our local partners from Entrepreneur du Monde and Beer Sheba, the first stages of the project funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery were successfully implemented.

Specifically, in a first step, 20 people with an agricultural background from the regions of Thies and Matam were selected and trained as trainers in the field of sustainable agriculture according to the "Training of the Trainers Approach". The three-month training at the Beer Sheba training farm included entrepreneurship skills as well as sustainable and climate-smart farming methods. Now the trainers return to their home villages and pass on their knowledge to the local population.

To ensure this knowledge transfer, the project supports several agricultural cooperatives in the target regions in parallel. After the cooperatives were actively supported in the first phase in the reclamation of their cultivated areas, they are now the first target group for the training courses and also receive solar pumps developed specifically for their purposes to irrigate the areas.