News Pilot project for young female sewers in Togo started


Last week our pilot project of vocational training for young female sewers in Togo has started. The focus of the project is on the promotion of young female early school leavers form marginalised families who are at least 14 years old, thus getting the opportunity to enter professional life. Therefore, the URBIS FOUNDATIO is supporting the training of six young women providing them with sewing machines and apprenticeship places at established local sewers. Furthermore, the foundation oversees all fees and costs of the three-year training, as registry fees or charges for books, and is providing the women with a monthly pocket money.

In the end of the training, the foundation is supporting the young sewers establishing their own businesses in order to become economically independent. To ensure that the apprentices put the necessary effort into their training the whole family of the scholarship holder is implied in the grant agreement. In consequence, all members of the family are eager to support the trainee during and after the vocational training. In a country with more than 50 percent of school leavers this project aims to moderate the effect of school dropping and wants to give alternative ways to enter professional life.