News Our solar technicians in Togo introduce themselves

Claude Amouzou, Executive Director of TOGO-ENERGY

With our goal to promote the use of renewable energy, we operate 20 photovoltaic and solar thermal systems throughout Togo, mostly on rural health clinics. These not only need to be professionally installed, but also maintained twice a year so that they can produce electricity and hot water sustainably and in the long term to ensure clean and safe health care. Here we would like to give the floor to three of our long-time solar technicians.

What characterises your work with URBIS? How would you describe your long-standing cooperation with URBIS?

Mouhamed Issa (President of the Union of Regional Chambers of Trade (UCRM)): My work with URBIS is characterised by consulting. I am a consultant under contract with URBIS. I am in charge of the training of learners in solar energy at the L ETP S and CETP S (two vocational schools in Sokodé). My company TECHNO SOLAR oversees the maintenance of several of the sites. Being the president of the Monitoring Committee of Solar Energy Projects, I intervene in the study and analysis of some solar energy projects for the development of our country.

Alexis Alaba (Director – IENIB Sokodé): Our work with URBIS FOUNDATION consists of giving technical support in the promotion of solar energy in Togo:

  • We do the study, sizing, installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of solar photovoltaic installations.
  • We train electrician students in solar energy in Sokodé thanks to the solar trainer provided by URBIS at the technical high school of Sokodé.
  • We have developed a solar energy training manual in Togo thanks to the support of URBIS.

Claude Amouzou (Executive Director - TOGO-ENERGY): The activities of the URBIS FOUNDATION and myself as a solar energy technician contractor are characterised by the installation (and maintenance) of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal water heaters in health centres in four prefectures in the South of Togo. In addition, we receive trainees who have finished their professional training in photovoltaic solar energy for performance in our company TOGO-ENERGY for several years.

I have been working for 12 years now with the URBIS FOUNDATION, which has enabled the development of the population in the areas of energy, education, health, agriculture and social welfare.