News Installation of a photovoltaic system at CRETFP in Dapaong

Copyright: Mivo Energie

As part of our Bengo project in the north of Togo, we have successfully completed another stage together with our partners from Mivo Energie (NGO from Togo) and Entrepreneurs du Monde (French NGO) and installed a 10 kWp solar system on the grounds of the vocational school in Dapaong.

In cooperation with the German solar company Yandalux, the modules were anchored in the ground within one week using a lightweight construction method without concrete bases and the system was connected to the power grid of the CRETFP vocational school. As our project aims to establish a pilot plant for feeding electricity into the local grid and establishing a mechanism to compensate for the amount of electricity fed into the grid - so-called net-metering - the plant will be equipped with a bi-directional meter in the coming months to enable monitoring of the electricity flows.

In addition to the activities with the vocational school, which include promoting solar education, our partner Mivo has now also started disbursing loans to local solar entrepreneurs to support their activities.