News GIZ project launched to promote solar energy in Uganda

Copyright: ACSET

Together with our partner ACSET, we have launched a project to promote solar energy in rural areas of Uganda. With an inaugural workshop, all stakeholders from the administration, business and education sectors involved were informed about the project and its goals, and first joint steps were planned.

With the financial support of the GIZ project ProREU Green Citizen Energy, ACSET will create an open- source database of existing solar systems in selected regions in the north of the country and publish a map of solar sites and existing solar service providers. In addition, 50 young electrical engineers will be trained as Solar Extension Agents (SEA). The SEAs will then be able to maintain existing systems and assist in the installation of new systems. In addition, the SEAs actively participate in the mapping of solar sites in the region.

The aim of the project is to increase the use of solar energy by creating awareness of existing solar potential in the region and by ensuring an installation and maintenance service for photovoltaic systems.