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Badariya shows off her maths skills

Since this year URBIS FOUNDATION supports three schools for children with disabilities. We are currently supporting a total of 103 children and young people at the three schools by financing their school fees and buying them assistive equipment. Each school has a specific focus: IFRAM for visual impairments, ESMK for hearing impairments and ENVOL for mental disabilities:

Bilali, 17, attends the school for children with mental disabilities in Sokodé, Togo. He has trisomy 21 and an mental disability which makes it difficult for him to sit still and concentrate. Therefore, he needs special attention in class to be able to follow well. Otherwise, he would rather turn to his classmates than look at the blackboard.

Joseph, 7, has been blind since birth and attends the Training and Rehabilitation Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired. His parents abandoned him a year ago and the school is now the only place where he receives reliable support.

Badariya is 11 years old and had to leave public primary school after it was detected that she cannot hear. Fortunately, she can attend the school for people with hearing disabilities in Sokodé and continue to go to school. She is diligently learning to write, read and do arithmetic, and in her free time she loves to do sports or play with her two younger siblings.

Donate now! We receive many requests from parents of children with disabilities that we cannot all meet without your support. Make with your donation possible for children like Bilali, Joseph and Badariya to attend school, buy assistive equipment and actively support these children's chances for a better future!

Every donation counts!

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