News Drip irrigation system for our farm

A farm student punching the holes for connecting the drip hoses to the main line (Copyright: Peter Hoenen)

On the site of our sustainable farm in Sokodé, Togo, our farm team was able to successfully install a drip irrigation system, under the guidance of Peter Hoenen, an expert working for the consultancy auteos.

Our farm students were not only taught how to position the hoses correctly, but also how to prepare the field, how to counter possible problems and how to treat the system correctly.

The drip irrigation system entails many positive effects: on the one hand it allows a much more effective and economical use of water, a resource which is already scarce in Togo. Especially in the dry summer months the irrigation of the fields is predicted be much improved. On the other hand, the continous watering is also likely causing an increase in the agricultural yields.

We hope that this innovative technology will spread throughout Togo!