News Celebration of the End of the SEAs’ Solar Training in Uganda

The SEAs and the Speakers of the Ceremony Copyright: Odyek Ronald, ACSET

At the end of November, the second group of Solar Extension Agents (SEAs) completed their training at the Uganda Technical College (UTC) in Lira, North-Uganda. At a ceremony held at UTC Lira, the completion of the trainings was celebrated, and the SEAs were congratulated. All speakers highlighted the relevance of the ProREU (Promotion of Renewable Energy Use) project for the sustainable development of the region and in relation to climate change.

Under the project, the SEAs will now start their internships with local solar companies. The first group has already started mapping the solar systems in the region and entering them into a publicly accessible database to better organise maintenance and assess the need for solar systems in the region. The project is financed by the GIZ's Green People’s Energy funding programme.