History of the foundation
Development of the URBIS FOUNDATION

In 2002, the URBIS FOUNDATION was founded by the family Epp in Munich, Germany. The reason for their commitment was the family’s wish to contribute to the protection of our climate and environment.

Dr. Manfred Epp
Founder and long-time Chairman of the Board of the URBIS Foundation

Dr. Manfred Epp founded the URBIS Foundation together with his wife Inge Epp in 2002 to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible world. As chairman, he worked for 20 years to build up URBIS Foundation. The use of solar technology and perspectives for young people through education and scholarships were particularly close to Dr. Epp's heart. The Foundation benefited from his invaluable economic expertise, as Dr Epp ran a firm of accountants and tax consultants called Urbis Treuhand for over 40 years. He passed away on 19 January 2021 in Munich.

An overview
over our milestones

In more than 15 years, we gained a lot of experience and were able to build a strong network with different partners.


Foundation of

Definition of the foundation's goals


Self-installation of solar panels by Bärbel Epp

Inauguration of the first solar equipment for a hospital in Togo


Foundation of the Togolese association URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO

Start of our
funding support
for initiatives


Acquisition of 34 hectares
of arable land and start of
our sustainable farm

Foundation of the “Mediathèque”,
with a school book library
and a computer room


Support to the "German-Tanzanian Partnership e.V." in the implementation of their projects

Close cooperation with the Tanzanian organisation TAREA to foster renewable energies


as international Non-Governmental-Organisation
according to Togolese law

Visit of one of URBIS' solar thermal plants, providing warm water for the maternity ward of the hospital CHR


Start of the URBIS FOUNDATION office in Munich with first full time employee

Visit of Togolese solar experts at the URBIS headquarters in Munich


Installation of the first
grid-connected solar PV plant
on the roof of the state-owned
power utility company

10 year anniversary of URBIS FOUNDATION with congress in Miesbach near Munich


Inauguration of the solar system at our sustainable farm in Sokodé, Togo

Our President of UF Togo explains the new solar system


Inauguration of the URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO
office in Lomé

Time for our scholarship students to start with their studies


Visit of a solar PV field in Bakowa, Romania, by our project partners

Support to vocational trainings in solar technology in Temeswar, Romania


Recognition of our
sustainable farm in Togo
as vocational training center

URBIS was awarded a degree of honour by the prefectural chamber of commerce in Togo for our efforts in solar energy training


Start of our training project for midwives in rural areas

Special action in the Corona crisis: production of masks for the population


Solar heating system for the maternity ward of the central hospital in Sokode goes into operation

Start of solar courses in the electrician training at the CREPFT vocational school in Northern Togo


URBIS celebrates its 20th anniversary

Part of our Togolese team is visiting the URBIS office in Munich


Windkraft Simonsfeld concludes a 5-year cooperation agreement with us to support solar power education and the expansion of PV systems in Togo

Begin of the SESEUS-Project in Uganda: Training solar electricians and expanding access to solar energy in rural northern Uganda