The charitable foundation "URBIS FOUNDATION - Foundation for Environment and International Solidarity" wants to make a contribution to preserve the natural resources of future generations and at the same time to reduce poverty and misery worldwide.

URBIS FOUNDATION implements sustainable projects with a focus on renewable energies in close and long-term cooperation with its partners in Germany, Togo, Tanzania and Romania. All URBIS projects are developed in a participatory manner and are intensively supervised.

The foundation was founded in 2002 by the Epp family in Munich. Through a multitude of helpers and supporters it was able to successfully realize many projects over the years. In addition, the foundation has gained important experience for successful intercultural and cooperative development cooperation. Success for the URBIS FOUNDATION has therefore been both satisfaction and an encouragement for us to do our utmost to contribute to a more peaceful and just world.

URBIS FOUNDATION is recognized by the state of Bavaria as a non-profit organization. The Foundation's work is financed from the proceeds of the Foundation's assets, endowments and donations. Contributions to the URBIS Foundation may be claimed for tax purposes.

URBIS FOUNDATION allocates grants to individual projects in the area renewable energy.
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Here you can find the most recent edition (in french) of our solar energy news letter from Togo. For download (pdf), please click here.